Hours:  Wed - Fri 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Sat & Sun 11:30 am - 9:00 pm


This will be the first commercial brewery in the Shamokin area in 44 years.

We're installing a 5-barrel brewery in the rear of our restaurant which will house the following:

-  200-gallon stainless steel insulated mash tun (Converts the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation.)

-  240-gallon stainless steel  insulated brew kettle (Boils the wort from the mash tun, hops, and any flavorings that are added; breaking down the sugars to be more easily fermented.)

-  Two 196-gallon, and two 119-gallon stainless steel fermenters (Turns the boiled wort into beer.  This is done by adding yeast and giving it some time to eat the sugars and creating alcohol as a by-product).

-  A custom-made electric brewery controller, built to our exact needs, with the ability to monitor and control various temperatures, times, and volumes used throughout the brewing process.

Once the brewery is complete, we'll install a large viewing window looking out onto Spruce St.